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Getting tech smart

Mr Mac are specialists for all things Apple. We are not a repair service. We help people get the most out out of their devices by focusing on parental control, screen time, family sharing, multi Apple device households, & iCloud/iTunes setup & sync. 

We are here to help you get the best out of all your Mac and iOS products and use them to their full potential by setting the following:

SCREEN TIME (Parental Control)

Now more then ever we need to be more aware of what our kids are doing on our devices. Apple's Screen Time aims to address growing concerns around increasing device usage, smartphone addiction and social media impacting on mental health. 



Allows up to six family members to share iTunes, Apple Books and App Store purchases, an Apple Music family plan, an Apple News+ subscription, iCloud storage plan, as well as share photo albums, a family calendar and locations, without sharing accounts.



iPhone storage too full? Problems syncing your music, podcasts, videos or photos? iCloud backup/sync issues? Start using Handoff and Universal Clipboard so you can start on one device and seamlessly pick up and finish on another. We can help you get up to speed and connected across all Apple devices in your home.


Our Services

Take a look at our services below.

Home & Lesiure

• Screen Time (Parental Controls)

• Family Sharing (shared purchases, music streaming, appletv+)

• iCloud Integration(calendars, photos, device backup, location sharing, handoff, universal clipboard)

• iPhone & iPad setup/transfer

• Mac / Macbook / Mac Mini / setup

• Apple Watch / Apple Tv Setup

• Wifi/Internet Optimisation

• Computer Backups (Time Machine)

• Home Wireless Network including extending your wifi for larger houses

• Apple Pay/Wallet

• Health Kit and Fitness tracking


• Home Automation (lights / remotes / home security / baby monitoring)

• Wireless Audio Streaming (stream your music throughout your house) 

• Apple TV streaming


Price List

What do you need?

iPad:iPhone Trans.png
Macbook Trans.png
Apple TV:Watch.png

iPhone / iPad

$500 / Device

• New Phone Setup / Transfer
• Screen time
• Family Sharing
• iCloud Integration
• Apple Pay / Alipay
• Calenders / icloud back up

MacBook / iMac

$600 / Device

• New Computer Setup / Transfer
• Screen time
• Family Sharing
• iCloud Integration
• Apple Pay
• Time Machine (Back Up)

Apple TV / Apple Watch

$250 / Device

• Setup / Transfer
• Family Sharing
• AirPlay / Music Streaming
• Health Kit / Fitness
• Apple TV+ / Netflix
• Apple pay / Alipay


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